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SAT2U MEBA Edition

Satellite Communication News by Satcom1

05-12-2014 - Issue #8

Dear Customers, Partners and Industry Relations,

The Satcom1 team is excited to enter MEBA week in Dubai. Satcom1 engineering is bringing brand new Inmarsat Swiftbroadband (SBB) bandwidth to service with aggregation of 3 and 4 channels, and are pre-launching the new AvioPhone APP which allows you to use your own GSM phone in the air to receive ingoing and outgoing calls without the need of an onboard Picocell.

Satcom1 team is very honored and appreciative of the customer feedback to our services and products offering in the Gulf area. Your inputs make our team strive to deliver innovative engineering solutions to the aeronautical SATCOM market.

Please join us for dialog at MEBA booth #632 and thank you for being a loyal Satcom1 customer and partner.


Karina Larsen
VP Partnership

Satcom1 never slows down – continuous developments of 3 and 4 SwiftBroadband Channels' Aggregation

Since introducing the breakthrough technology Aggregation, which combines two SwiftBroadband channels, Satcom1 R&D continue their efforts to bring the maximum bandwidth out of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband systems to Satcom1 customers. Satcom1 R&D team has been developing and testing new techniques of bonding 3 and 4 SwiftBroadband channels in the lab, located at the Le Bourget business airport, Paris.

The tests are running on one Cobham SB-800 unit (two SwiftBroadband channels) and two Cobham Aviator 350 units (1 SwiftBroadband channel each). Aggregation is being tested on X-Stream channels in order to achieve the highest possible bandwidth, which, in that case should be 3(or 4) times 350 Kbit/s, up to 3 (or 4) times 400 Kbit/s – depending on the signal and other circumstances such as network congestion – which is quite heavy over busy Le Bourget airport area.

Francois Goudal, Head of R&D at Satcom1, comments: “We are currently testing 4-channel aggregation in our Paris’ lab. In good testing conditions, we have been able to reach and maintain a stable throughput exceeding 1.4 Mbit/s over a significant period of time. However, it is important to note that the results are depending on many factors, for example the network load, especially in the Paris location which is one of the busiest spot beams in the world. Therefore, we continue our R&D efforts to find the best and most efficient solution and we expect more details and positive news to come as we continue testing. The coming introduction of Alphasat (JetConneX), and HDR services should however offer new opportunities to increase speeds with a less congested network and we are very much looking forward to start development on new networks and hardware platforms very soon.”

Since the unique and extremely successful two-channels Aggregation technology, we want to make sure we can guarantee you the highest bandwidth you can get out of your current Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system on board.

Satcom1 4 SwiftBroadband channels’ Aggregation performance test diagram.

It is important to note that the aggregation performance depends on many factors, such as the location, hardware setup and network congestion – therefore the performance will differ.

Please note that aggregation developed by Satcom1 is a part of AvioIP Software Suite license and it is a proprietary service of Satcom1.

Meet our team at MEBA 2014 and get to know all about latest SATCOM technologies and Satcom1 services

CEO: Henrik Zinck
Intl. Sales Manager Middle East: Christophe Nagy
Intl. Sales Manager: Jimmy Juul Larsen
SATCOM Sales: Ivan Larsen
SATCOM Product Manager: Hans Norring
SATCOM Engineer: Florian Surault
Marketing Manager: Sylwia Bodzon

Cabin Router Aplication Software Suite tailored to your needs - AvioIP by Satcom1.

2,3 & 4 Channel Aggregation, Acceleration, User Manager

Please visit our exhibiting AvioIP Router Partners:
Vision Systems booth #712

Use your own GSM phone number while in-flight -
by Satcom1.

Cost efficient VoIP service, no picocell equipment necessary

Learn more about new JX (JetConneX) service running on Inmarsat's Global Xpress Network - coming live 2015

We partner with the best in its class: learn more about
Honeywell Global Data Center
- full communication service for your cockpit

Flight Planning, Flight Sentinel, Datalink, Pilot Services, ITS, Weather

Satcom1 enables passengers to use their own GSM phone number in-flight

New AvioPhone app update lets passengers make and receive calls using their own GSM phone number without the use of a picocell system

Satcom1 is a leading satellite communication specialist for VVIP, Head-of-State, military, business and private aircraft specializing in services tailored to customer’s needs. Satcom1 has announced an update of the AvioPhone smartphone voice application to enable the GSM number use while making and receiving calls on-board.

The original version of Satcom1's AvioPhone application allows passengers to use their own personal iPhone or Android devices for voice calls, via an aircraft internet connection. It is specifically designed to provide an easy-to-use solution for a high quality voice service in-flight.

Satcom1 has technically finalized the testing phase of a new, enhanced version of the AvioPhone app in the fourth quarter of 2014. That new version will enable the end user to use his/her own SIM card GSM number while flying, which makes the app even more convenient and user-friendly. Until now this has only been possible by installing an additional picocell system on top of the Satcom Data Unit.

The AvioPhone GSM account is activated via an SMS validation. Once activated, the user will be able to place a call from the aircraft to any phone on the ground (fixed or mobile line) and his/her own GSM number will be displayed. Likewise, the GSM number will remain active and reachable during the flight, therefore it will be able to receive calls from the ground. Currently, mobile US and European phone GSM numbers are supported, with Gulf Region mobile number integration anticipated when the next version of the AvioPhone is commercially released in Q1 2015.

The app is based on the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system (Honeywell, Cobham, Thales, Rockwell Collins Satcom Data Units), and requires a router with AvioIP software installed for the best quality performance. Aside from this operators only need to select Satcom1 as a service provider, and ensure passengers use a compatible smartphone in order to benefit from this new capability.

The service is currently being tested as a beta version by a group of customers, and is expected to be commercially available in Q1 2015.

Satcom1 ready for orders of Honeywell’s JetWave hardware

Satcom1 has signed a supplemental agreement with Honeywell to become a business aviation reseller of JetWave™ Ka-Band satellite connectivity hardware, which exclusively supports Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX (JX) service, going live in 2015.

"Satcom1 is proud to be an airtime and hardware provider for Inmarsat's new JX technology and to be a hardware reseller of Honeywell’s JetWaveT™ products. Our aim is to work closely with completion centers, which prefer a SATCOM provider that can propose network design, ensure hardware fulfillment, and perform complete system testing and activation - prior to the final end-customer delivery. Satcom1's completion partners can choose what level of service they need or wish to have delivered from Satcom1. If we can simplify this process for anyone – we are proud to add JetWave hardware to our portfolio as part of the supply chain for SATCOM solutions.”- says Karina Larsen, co-founder at Satcom1.

Blane Boynton, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Honeywell Aerospace, comments this cooperation as following: “Honeywell is pleased to work with full service solution providers such as Satcom1 who have a primary focus of bringing simple, high-performance connectivity solutions to their customers. Satcom1 joins a global JX team, which will deploy the next generation of connectivity to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business aviation operators.”

JetWave order notification

The first launch customers in 2015 and Q1 2016 shall expect a 34 week lead time for hardware. After Q2 2016, the aim is 16 weeks lead-time. Therefore Satcom1 and Honeywell recommend to order your hardware well in advance.

Satcom1 is already open for orders, if you are not yet a Honeywell channel partner and wish to place a hardware order, contact Order Desk or Sales for a quote.

View more Hardware Pictures and Information here.

GXA Tail Mount Antenna Fuselage Antenna

Images Courtesy of Honeywell International Inc

ViaSat's New Dual-band Ku/Ka Terminal to provide high data speeds for the VVIP users

ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) has developed a hybrid shipset designed to deliver high-performance mobile services worldwide over both the Ku and Ka frequency bands, enabling an aircraft to connect to the best service available depending on its location.

The terminal, designed for transport-size commercial and VIP aircraft, enables a high-performance, high-speed service level to every person or device connected for personal entertainment and office-in-the-sky applications. In-flight network switching between commercial Ku- and Ka-band satellites has been successfully demonstrated by ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), using its innovative dual-band terminal and a new radome.

The test flights, conducted in July and August on a commercial 757-200 aircraft, demonstrated the state of the art in broadband enroute communications with the aircraft transitioning among multiple satellite beams from six satellites and three Ku- and Ka-band networks.

In order to learn more about new ViaSat hybrid solution, click on below,


Dual-band Ku/Ka Terminal Enables In-flight Network Switching Across Commercial Ku- and Ka-band Satellite Networks

ViaSat Global Aero Terminal is First to Combine Ku- and Ka-band Single, Integrated System

Satcom1 is proud to add this service to its offering. Our engineering department plans to start lab testing on the KU shipset (VMT-1500) connected to the Yonder network in the near future, which will further enhance our integration capabilities

Thank you for participating in Satcom1 European Training Event in Basel

We would like to send our kind thanks to all who attended our Satcom1 European Training on the 19th of November in Basel. We were honored to see that the room was full and it was our pleasure to welcome the amazing audience that has decided to join us.

Satcom1 with ViaSat, Emteq and Honeywell at the Satcom1 Training Event in Basel, Switzerland 2014

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