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Satellite Communication News by Satcom1

24/06/2014 - Issue #5

Dear Customers, Potential Customers and Partners,

First of all, thank you to all of you who joined us at EBACE 2014, we were delighted you visited or met with our team representatives.

At EBACE, it was announced Satcom1 achieved the honor to become an Inmarsat Distribution Partner (DP) for Swiftbroadband (SBB) services. The Swiftbroadband technology combined with our status as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the upcoming Jet ConneX (JX) (formerly known as GX Aviation) will enable us to continue to provide top-level service to our clients moving forward. Jet ConneX (JX) is the new formal name for business jet/VIP aero market for Inmarsat KA technology. GX Aviation will remain as the name for the Air Transport market. Satcom1 is excited to offer on board communication with the largest possible Inmarsat bandwidth capacity to our customers and partners for all Inmarsat core services.

With regards to the newly appointed SBB DP status, Satcom1’s Swiftbroadband infrastructure will be moved to a new improved Inmarsat backbone. It is presently scheduled to occur between June 24th and June 26th. It is possible there will be sporadic fall outs for those with connectivity at this time, but we hope this will cause no inconvenience to our customers.

However, when this SBB backbone transition has been completed, it will result in improved services from Satcom1 to our SBB customers, and enable us to provide better visibility of logs for support with 5-10 minute intervals. In addition, we are planning to release a number of new services developed by Satcom1, such as content filtering by AvioGuard™.

During May 2014, Satcom1 has been added to Gulfstream’s default SATCOM airtime service provider selection list for new Gulfstream aircraft deliveries - for the territory “outside US”. This means you can default select Satcom1 as your SATCOM service provider for cockpit and cabin at Gulfstream. In addition, we provide 1-year free cockpit data for any Gulfstream delivery of cockpit data, as a reseller for Honeywell Global Data Center. We have completed deliveries in the past with Gulfstream, and I believe Satcom1 has now been able to prove our value to the Gulfstream team and our mutual end-customers. We are very much honored to become part of the default selection list. You can request your Gulfstream default activation form from your Gulfstream representative, or from the Satcom1 sales team.

The Satcom1 team and I wish all our customers and partners a delightful Ramadan and summer holiday period with your family and friends.

Best regards,

Karina Larsen
VP Partnerships

Alphasat: Migration of Remaining Services – Postponement Communication

In the communications sent to partners and customers at the time of the successful migration of GSPS traffic to Alphasat in November 2013, Inmarsat indicated that the transfer of Classic Aero, BGAN, FleetBroadband, and SwiftBroadband services from I-4 F2 to Alphasat would be expected to occur in June 2014.

Inmarsat has continued to work with the User Terminal manufacturers to validate compatibility with Alphasat and to ensure that the satellite can be introduced with minimal impact.

The schedule for transition has been largely driven by the state of readiness of in-service aviation terminals and the time and complexity relating to deploying aviation upgrades where necessary. In the majority of cases aviation terminal upgrades can be completed through re-programming the satellite selection preferences. However, there remains a population of terminals that will require software upgrades.

Taking into account the manufacturers’ schedules for deploying these upgrades, Inmarsat has now scheduled the transition of Classic Aero, BGAN, FleetBroadband, and SwiftBroadband services to occur in March 2015. Inmarsat is not planning to transition these services any later than this date.

Lease services that are currently on I-4 F2 will be transitioned on dates that are being coordinated with the specific lease customers.

We remain committed to introducing Alphasat in a timely fashion and to take full advantage of the expanded traffic-carrying capacity needed to cater for growth in our rapidly expanding markets.

Please, feel free to contact Satcom1 Support in case of any further questions in regards to that change.

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Satcom1’s AvioIP software suite breaks the maximum speed of 1.5 MB/s by combining dual Swiftbroadband Aggregation and Acceleration technology on the Legacy 600

We are very proud to announce that thanks to Satcom1 AvioIP Software Suite installed on the EMTEQ’s Router by eConnect™ – a total data speed of 1.5 MB/s maximum was achieved on the Embraer’s Legacy 600.

The installation took place in Prague, Czech Republic on the 5th of May 2014. This was the industry’s first ever installation of 4 Inmarsat Swiftbroadband channels running on Cobham SATCOM SDU-7330 hardware unit onto a Legacy 600, approved under EASA with FAA and TCAA validations.

During SATCOM performance test on the aircraft, the crew and ALAMO engineering team confirmed that during multiple SATCOM sessions, they have been able to achieve a steady data speed between 1.2 MB/s and 1.5 MB/s. This performance was possible thanks to Satcom1 dual Swiftbroadband Channel Aggregation, backed-up by Acceleration technology on web browsing.

As Francois Goudal, R&D Manager at Satcom1 explains: “Acceleration technology by XipLink incorporated in our software played a crucial role in achieving this result. The raw maximum speed on Aggregation of two channels is between 800kbps and 900kbps. By running Acceleration on any stream that can be compressed on top of that, you are able to boost data speed significantly. In this case, it has been almost doubled. It indeed will enable you to send and receive compressible data at much higher speed, which is something we always aim to achieve to address our VIP customer’s needs.”

The Embraer’s Legacy 600 which achieved 1.5MB/s data speed with Satcom1 AvioIP suite Aggregation on SwiftBroadband, at ABS Jets facility in Prague, Czech Republic.

Read more here.

RUAG Aviation, Satcom1 and EMTEQ jointly offer increased bandwidth and connectivity aboard the Dassault Falcon 7X

RUAG Aviation, Satcom1 and EMTEQ are together providing a fully EASA-approved add-on solution for existing connectivity installations on all Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft completed at RUAG.

Based on Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband High Gain Antenna service, this effective solution is capable of streaming data services of up to 432 kbps. The system secures innovative and flexible WiFi management through Router by eConnect™, wirelessly streams media to monitors or personal devices using Wireless IFE by eConnect™, and ensures a comfortable cabin environment with Cabin Control by eConnect™. Complementing this, Satcom1’s AvioIP software suite and state-of-the-art airtime and technical solution delivers high-level expertise and 24/7 support.

This new upgrade provides full office functionality in the sky. Passengers can utilise the satcom system at its full capacity to receive and send data at enhanced speeds, thanks to the installation of Satcom1’s AvioIP software suite on EMTEQ’s Router by eConnectTM, which delivers features such as data acceleration & compression. Other features include Audio Video on Demand (AVOD), Virtual Private Network (VPN), user profile management, and the seamless in-flight use of personal electronic devices including iPads and smartphones.

If you would like to know more about the 7X campaign, please contact direct Mr. Thinus Svendsen, Intl. Sales Manager

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Satcom1 appointed as Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Distribution Partner

Satcom1 has been a highly successful Gold service provider for SwiftBroadband for several years and, based on its strong performance, is now promoted to Distribution Partner level. The agreement means that Satcom1 will be able to further improve its level of support in terms of activation and airtime, real-time trouble shooting and diagnostics to its current and future customer base.

”The VVIP and business jet market is very important for Inmarsat and we are proud to serve virtually the whole market globally. Satcom1 is one of the leading satellite communications service providers in this segment, in particular with its innovative services and global reach,” said Miranda Mills, President, Inmarsat Aviation. ”In today’s global world, aircraft fly to the four corners of the globe, and Inmarsat’s unique, truly global satellite network ensures our business aviation customers have access to inflight connectivity wherever they fly.”

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Description: The company AES GMBH is located in Bremen, Germany and have for years been a strong supplier of hardware to the German aero market. In 2010, AES decided to be a supplier of AvioIP Swiftbroadband functionality and later added also Satcom1 aggregation and acceleration features. The hardware is a combined IPBX with router functionality and Satcom1 proprietary aggregation. It has already been installed on B767 and also coming on a B747. Features are listed below and where to buy can be found here.

Tech Specs:

- SwiftBroadband, Swift64 (Internet and Email) Support
- Support for Special Equipment (Conferencing Systems)
- Advanced User Management System
- Acceleration and Compression
- SBB Channel Aggregation
- KU Band Ready
- Removable Configuration Module (TCM3606)
- Ethernet: Up to 10 x LAN ports, Up to 4 x WAN ports
- Configurable: 8 x Inputs, 8 x Outputs
- Dimensions: 360 x 126 x 195 [mm] (14.2 x 5.0 x 7.7 [in])
- Power Consumption: 300 VA (115VAC / 400 Hz)
- Touchscreen Based Display

Find out more about AES IPX3606 here.

Happy Holiday Season

Satcom1 is wishing all our customers and partners a happy Holiday season and a happy Ramadan starting on the 28th of June.

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3. With whom has Satcom1 teamed up to provide an optimized “office in the sky” solution for Dassualt Falcon 7Xs?