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Satellite Communication News

20-10-2014 - Issue #7

Dear Customers and Partners,

Satcom1 team is hoping this newsletter will assist our customers and partners to stay updated and tuned for future connectivity solutions within aeronautical SATCOM.

Inmarsat’s new Alphasat satellites requires a large number of SATCOM hardware terminals to be upgraded, or have ORT changes to ensure communication is at the best possible quality. Inmarsat’s JetConneX (JX) service (running on the GX network) is also preparing to launch, which extends customers possible SATCOM connectivity options of how to operate their network. Satcom1 engineering team is already involved with a number of network updates with customers (please contact our Support Team for more information). Finally, VIASAT is also improving their coverage within their network and growing their aero solution offering, which Satcom1 also is proud to service.

Satcom1 team is proud to be once again at NBAA booth #4589 in Orlando Convention Center in Florida (October 21st-23rd). We look forward to discuss aeronautical connectivity opportunities for your aircraft or fleet. Today, Satcom1 delivers solutions for Head-of-State, VVIP, Business Jet, Helicopters and Coast Guard Programs, and we have experience with solutions for charter and air taxi operators. We hope to guide and meet a large number of our customers and potential customers to their ideal network during NBAA.

To get the best out of your aeronautical network, we hope during NBAA that you will visit the various router/IPBX manufacturers. It is our belief that these routers are world class and ensure the best control of the onboard SATCOM networks.

These hardware manufactures provide customers a combinations of strong features such as 3G/4G, Cabin Management System (CMS), Router, IPBX and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE). This is on top of the SATCOM connectivity and provides end-users with a state-of-art connectivity network.

Satcom1 encourages end-customers and MRO/Completion Centers to visit companies at NBAA: ICG’s booth #1617, EMTEQ’s booth #728, Vision Systems booth #1551 and AML booth #836 at NBAA and review what fits your aircraft requirements. You can read more information on these routers here.

We wish all a good October and hope to meet many of you at NBAA this week in Orlando,


Karina Larsen

BREAKING NEWS: Satcom1 announced as a reseller of Honeywell’s JetWave™ hardware for JetConneX (JX) – high-speed Ka-Band service running on the Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network

Satcom1 takes another step ahead – it will provide both airtime and hardware to users of JetConneX service

Satcom1, the complete satellite airtime and in-flight solution provider for VVIP, business jets and Head-of-State aircraft, has announced entering an agreement with Honeywell, the exclusive hardware manufacturer and business aviation value added reseller of Inmarsat’s GX Ka-band service in May 2014. Based on that agreement, Satcom1 has been appointed as a channel distributor of airtime to business aviation market.

Recently, in order to provide a full-package solution to its customers – Satcom1 has signed a supplemental agreement with Honeywell to become a business aviation reseller of JetWave™ Ka-Band satellite connectivity hardware, which exclusively supports Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX (JX) service, going live in 2015.

As a result of rapid growth of Satcom1 and customer demand for high-speed solutions, Satcom1 decided to become a hardware reseller for the first time it its 11-year history, in order to provide a full broadband solution to its VIP clients. Honeywell’s JetWave™ hardware will allow passengers to video-conference, send and receive large files and access streaming content while in-flight by enabling them to access Inmarsat’s JX service globally.

"Satcom1 is proud to be an airtime and hardware provider for Inmarsat's new JX technology and to be a hardware reseller of Honeywell’s JetWave™ products. Our aim is to work closely with completion centers, which prefer a SATCOM provider that can propose network design, ensure hardware fulfillment, and perform complete system testing and activation - prior to the final end-customer delivery. Satcom1's completion partners can choose what level of service they need or wish to have delivered from Satcom1. If we can simplify this process for anyone – we are proud to add JetWave hardware to our portfolio as part of the supply chain for SATCOM solutions.”- says Karina Larsen, co-founder at Satcom1.

“Honeywell is pleased to work with full service solution providers such as Satcom1 who have a primary focus of bringing simple, high-performance connectivity solutions to their customers. Satcom1 joins a global JX team, which will deploy the next generation of connectivity to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business aviation operators.” says Blane Boynton, Director of Marketing and Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace.

Read the full press release here

See below pictures of Honeywell’s JetWave™ hardware set:

KRFU Fuselage Antenna
GXA Tail Mount Antenna KA Modman
KANDU Images Courtesy of Honeywell International Inc

Sign up for our European Training Event in Basel

19th of November 2014, Radisson Blu Hotel, Steinentorstrasse 25, CH-4001, Basel, Switzerland

Join us and get to know all about the latest SATCOM updates from Satcom1 and business aviation connectivity experts.

Meet our team at NBAA 2014 and get to know all about latest SATCOM technologies and Satcom1 services

Intl. Sales Manager: Jimmy Juul Larsen
Technical Manager: JP Rains
VP Partnerships: Karina Larsen
Support & Consultancy Engineer: Tanguy Berksoy

Cabin Router Aplication Software Suite tailored to your needs - AvioIP by Satcom1.

Aggregation, Acceleration, User Manager, Mode-of-Operation

Learn more about new JX (JetConneX) service running on Inmarsat's Global Xpress Network - coming live 2015

We partner with the best in its class: learn more about
Honeywell Global Data Center
- full communication service for your cockpit

Flight Planning, Flight Sentinel, Datalink, Pilot Services, ITS, Weather

Guide to SATCOM hardware terminals updates moving forward with Alphasat migration

As it has been stated in our previous SAT2U editions - Inmarsat has continued to work with the User Terminal manufacturers to validate compatibility with Alphasat and to ensure that the satellite can be introduced with minimal impact.

The schedule for transition has been largely driven by the state of readiness of in-service aviation terminals and the time and complexity relating to deploying aviation upgrades where necessary. In the majority of cases aviation terminal upgrades can be completed through re-programming the satellite selection preferences. However, there remains a population of terminals that will require software upgrades.

Taking into account the manufacturers’ schedules for deploying these upgrades, Inmarsat has now scheduled the transition of Classic Aero, BGAN, FleetBroadband, and SwiftBroadband services to occur in March 2015. Inmarsat is not planning to transition these services any later than this date.

Below you can see a table guide with information Satcom1 has collected and liaised with Inmarsat and hardware manufacturers in relation to terminal updates in reference to Alphasat migration.

Manufacturer Model To Do
Honeywell MCS-7120 ORT(tech pub:D201310000017)
MCS-7147 ORT(tech pub: D201310000017)
MCS-7200 ORT(tech pub:D201310000017)
EMS (Honeywell) HSD-440 Operating software update (tech pub: D201310000093)
HSD-400 Operating software update (tech pub: D201310000093)
Thales Topflight Depends on the aircraft
SRT-2100B Minimum SW required (tech pub: 523-0822256)
SRT-2100 Minimum SW required (tech pub: 523-0822256)
SAT-2200 ORT(tech pub: 523-0822254)
SAT-2100B No change required(tech pub: 523-0822256)
Thrane Aviator 350 No change required(SIL 95-142702)
Aviator 300 No change required(SIL 95-142702)
Cobham SDU-7300 No change required(SIL 95-142702)
Aviator 700D No change required(SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7330 No change but minimum SW required (software 3.0)(SIL 95-142702)
SB-400 (SDU-7320) No change but minimum SW required (software 3.0)(SIL 95-142702)
SB-800(SDU-7320) No change but minimum SW required (software 3.0)(SIL 95-142702)
SB-1600(SDU-7310) No change but minimum SW required (software 3.0)(SIL 95-142702)

Please note, that only Inmarsat SwiftBroadband terminals will be impacted. In case of any further questions or to request a Service Information Letter, please do not hesitate to contact Satcom1 Support.

ICG receives Parts Manufacturing Approval for eRouter – which means faster and easier installation process for future users

ICG’s ERT-120 which utilizes customized routing software based upon Satcom1’s AvioIP Software Suite provides scalable data routing services designed for a variety of aircraft applications. It can access multiple LAN clients and offers WAN connectivity to multiple satellite communications networks including Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB), Iridium, Ku and Ka bands as well as 4G LTE GSM.

Satcom1’s cutting-edge features installed in the ERT-120 include User Management, flexible connectivity for multiple users, Mode of Operation, Supervision as well as performance boosting features such us: SwiftBroadband Channel Aggregation, XipLink Acceleration & Compression technology. “Office in the sky” services such as VoIP (Voice over IP), FoIP (Fax over IP), VPN (Virtual Private Network) enable customers to use the aircraft just like their office on the ground.

Now, with a PMA in place, ICG’s ERT-120 installation process will be much easier and faster, which is especially helpful when future updates are made to the unit. The eRouter has been designed with a modular architecture so it makes it easy to expand its capabilities and adapt to different systems and emerging technologies.

SAT2U Quiz!

Congratulations to the winner in the last edition of SAT2U! For a chance to win another Danish Luxury Prize, email the following answers to Satcom1

1. Satcom1 is hosting their upcoming Annual Customer and Training Event in which city?
2. What is Satcom1's booth number at NBAA 2014?
3. Which company has recently received a PMA for the eRouter?