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Satellite Communication News by Satcom1

15/05/2014 - Issue #4

Dear Customers, Potential Customers and Partners,

Satcom1 team has had a wonderful Spring being in constant dialog with our customers and partners in order to continue the best SATCOM network operations available in the market place. We have had a very valuable time with many of you at direct customer visits, at ABACE in Shanghai and shortly after - Satcom1 was invited to join state visit with the Danish Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik for a trade tour to build and strengthen relations in China. Our team had a great time familiarizing with the Chinese culture, market opportunities, and potential customer expectations.

Today, a large part of Satcom1’s core business area is to be “the extended arm” for a number of completion centers, who offer SATCOM network upgrades or retrofits. Satcom1 consultancy and engineering group assist these completion centers and end-customers to ensure the latest technology from the SATCOM industry is installed for the coming network upgrade, for both cabin and cockpit operations. Satcom1 team is consulted to do network design, liaising with the completion teams engineers, configuration and ensuring operations on delivery to secure the best possible performance. Sometimes, we are requested to optimize it after delivery due to customer convenience. Satcom1’s goal is to be the consultant and offer 2nd opinions to ensure your aircraft is best for value for money.

Our router partners have achieved many installs, STCs and PMAs. Satcom1 strongly recommends routers to be installed today to better manage your network and optimize performance onboard. You can find where to buy routers and what are the combinations available in our Router Overview Page

One week ago, a completion center confirmed during installation that they witnessed for the first time data speeds as high as 1.5 MB/s, with two channel Swiftbroadband Aggregation using Satcom1’s router software “AvioIP Suite” with a Class 6, High Gain Antenna. The crew still had two more Swiftbroadband channels operative for other parallel features operational at the same time. This is a spectacular performance, of which we are very proud and more details will follow in an official press release shortly.

Since the last SAT2U, Satcom1 team hopes that you have received the new Alphasat Service Information Letter (SIL) related to your specific Swiftbroadband SATCOM hardware model. If not, please request the SIL for your Swiftbroadband hardware model, whether it is Honeywell, Rockwell, or Thales.


Karina Larsen
VP Partnerships


Satcom1 Booth at ABACE, 2014. (left) and Satcom1 in China for the Danish State Visit (right).

We welcome you to EBACE, 2014! - Booth #821

We are looking forward to meet you all at EBACE next week. It will be a very exciting show for us and we will have many good news to share with you. Come by our booth and say hello to our team, or schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.

Meet our AvioIP suite router partners at EBACE!



Vision Systems BOOTH #2809

Satcom1 introduces the AvioGuard

Satcom1 extends its service offer to provide the end-user with the best browsing experience while in-flight.

AvioGuard is an intelligent filter, which prevents the user from overspending data on unnecessary traffic while flying. Once activated, it will protect the user from data traffic such as system and software updates, background running applications, video streaming which consume large amount of data and are very often not essential while in-flight.

The service not only prevents the user from overspending – by blocking unwanted traffic, which significantly slows down Internet connection – it saves costs and improves data speed, ultimately bringing the browsing experience to another level.

AvioGuard offers several user profiles, which differ in level of filtering and protection. On top of that, Satcom1 is able to create a custom filter, on specific clients’ request.

"AvioGuard is our response to business aviation customers’ needs. Taking into account, that cost of using data onboard is still relatively high – we wanted to develop a service which will moderate data traffic in an intelligent way, making the user to spend it on data he considers as essential." – says Francois Goudal, R&D Manager at Satcom1.

The service is planned to be ready to use in Q2 2014.

Partner Feature: ICG’s New eRouter – Advanced Routing Solutions for a Connected and Integrated Aircraft

Product: ICG eRouter (ERT-120)
Description: An advanced and scalable unit supporting Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) and GX, Ku/Ka, VSAT, Iridium-Iridium NEXT, Terrestrial and other networks.
Product Availability: Q2 2014

Tech Specs:

- Dimensions LxWxH: 305x216x95 mm (12×8.5×3.8 in)
- Weight: 2.7kg (6 lbs)
- Certifications: DO-160F (A4) / DO-178B Level E
- Power Consumption: < 20 watts at 28VDC
- Connectors: 128 Pin Connectors (Qty 2)
- Configurable Wi-Fi Access Point & Client Mode
- (7 Ea.) Ethernet LAN Ports
- (4 Ea.) Ethernet WAN Ports
- (4 Ea.) Serial WAN Ports (RS-232)
- (12 Inputs/12 Outputs) Isolated I/O Discretes
- 10GB file storage

ICG’s eRouter provides airborne connectivity for Smartphones, passenger PCs, Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), and other IP devices and offers many features found in a typical corporate office networks.

Utilizing satellite or GSM connectivity for Internet and Intranet access, ICG’s new eRouter can be configured as a Wireless Access Point (AP) for providing Wi-Fi client devices use of available satellite or GSM based internet services as well as aircraft local area network access. Alternatively, it can be configured as a client to connect to ground based wireless networks while on the tarmac.

ICG is currently accepting orders for the ERT-100 and ERT-120 models with a standard lead time of 30 days for shipment of product with FAA 8130-3.

SAT2U Quiz!

Congratulations to the winner in the last edition of SAT2U!
For a chance to win another Danish Luxury Prize, email the following answers to Satcom1

1. What is Satcom1 booth number at EBACE?
2. What was the maximum speed that was achieved with AvioIP software suite last month on 2 channel Swiftbroadband aggregation?
3. What is the weight of ICG’s eRouter?