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Satellite Communication News by Satcom1

11/09/2014 - Issue #6

Dear Customer and Partners,

Satcom1 is entering an exciting fall with our customer and partner base. We are proud to announce new Satcom1 services, and our R&D department in Paris is focused on increasing bandwidth performance for our SwiftBroadband customers. We will be releasing new bandwidth solutions during the fall of 2014.

I also wish to thank our customer base and completion centers. Satcom1 is honored by the large Boeing and Airbus programs, where our customers trust us with designing their future innovative SATCOM networks, or use our SATCOM advisors and airtime capabilities and services.

During the last quarter of 2014, we will be releasing our customer survey. Please keep providing us with feedback, so we can meet the expectations and criteria of our end-customer. We strive to deliver the level you expect of Satcom1.

We are also proud to now be in the Gulfstream OEM default selection catalogue as a choice for airtime and cockpit providers. This means when you order a new Gulfstream, Satcom1 can be chosen, which will include 1 years free subscription for Honeywell's GDC cockpit service. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our sales team.

In the coming months, the Satcom1 team is going truly global. We have recently been into Russia, and will be attending the Istanbul Airshow (25-28 September). We shall also be present to talk about SATCOM communication and trends in Shanghai, China (24-25 September).

We are once again hosting our Annual Customer Training Event in Dubai, on the 17th September 2014. Please feel free to sign up here. It will be an exciting day, where the focus is to provide industry updates by experts from: Inmarsat, ViaSat, and several hardware manufacturers, for both cabin and cockpit services, and of course the Satcom1 team.

Thank you again for being a Satcom1 customer or partner, and we look forward to meet you somewhere in fall 2014.


Karina Larsen
VP Partnerships

Increase Connectivity & Bandwidth on board your 7X

RUAG, Satcom1, & EMTEQ have teamed together to deliver an affordable turnkey upgrade to the current SATCOM installation on your Dassault Falcon 7X.

Our upgrade delivers a true “office in the sky,” including advanced In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System capabilities, as well as faster connection speeds for Internet access, email, and video conferencing.

Wireless IFE by eConnect™ A high definition upgrade allowing passengers to wirelessly stream content to their personal device or cabin monitors.
Cabin Control by eConnect™ Cabin control of systems from lighting and window shades to Blu-ray players and monitors.
Router by eConnect™ EMTEQ’s powerful, high-speed Wi-Fi router provides easy access to your SATCOM system throughout the aircraft. Advanced compression and acceleration enhancing the airborne connectivity experience, managed by Satcom1’s AvioIP router application suite.
Voice over IP (VoIP) A service for personal smartphone use allowing each passenger the use of their personal mobile phone number, offered through Satcom1’s VoIP solution with guaranteed voice quality.
PED Control The entire system is controllable by your Personal Electronic Device (PED) with no apps to download, through the HTML5-based graphic user interface.
Multi-user Management Manage & control passenger data and bandwidth.
Attractive Airtime Package Flexible airtime plans, including one year free Airtime Monitor, One Number.

Dial value added services, 24/7 technical support by Satcom1, & optional cockpit services plan including Datalink, ITS, Pilot Services & more.

EASA STC Approved Install This solution tailored to your SATCOM increases your Falcon 7X’s resale value, and is available at your next scheduled maintenance–installed and tested by RUAG AG.

To learn more, please contact:

AvioGuard Operational

We are pleased to announce that our new service AvioGuard – is now in service and is being installed on several aircraft at the moment. AvioGuard, once activated, will protect the user from data traffic such as system and software updates, background running applications, video streaming which consume large amount of data and are very often not essential while in-flight.

The service not only prevents the user from overspending – by blocking unwanted traffic, which significantly slows down Internet connection – it saves costs and improves data speed, ultimately bringing the browsing experience to another level.

AvioGuard offers several user profiles, which differ in level of filtering and protection. On top of that, Satcom1 is able to create a custom filter, on specific clients’ request.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level +
Operating System Software UpdatesLivestreaming servicesSocial MediaCustomization
Windows, iOS, Apple App Store, Android Google Play updatesYouTube, Spotify, iTunes, DailyMotion, NetFlix and various P2P Protocols.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo and moreA special filter can be set up according to custmer’s needs - per SIM card, per aircraft or per fleet

For more information regarding the AvioGuard, please contact Satcom1

Sign up for our Dubai Customer and Training Event

17th of September 2014, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort

Join us and get to know all about the latest SATCOM updates from Satcom1
and business aviation connectivity experts.

Schedule a meeting with our team at NBAA, (21-23 October, 2014, Orlando, FL; USA)
BOOTH #4589

Intl. Sales Manager: Jimmy Juul Larsen
Technical Manager: JP Rains
VP Partnerships: Karina Larsen
Avionics Engineer: Tanguy Berksoy

ISTANBUL AIRSHOW, (September 25-28, 2014 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Genel Havacılık Apronu)

Intl. Sales Manager: Salim Gouasmia

Intl. Sales Manager: HuiPing Lu
VP Partnerships: Karina Larsen

Aircraft Charterer selects Cabin Billing Solution by Satcom1

A German aircraft charterer has chosen Satcom1 as its satellite communications provider for its fleet, and will offer internet access to passengers with Satcom1’s Cabin Billing solution.

While traditional cabin communication billing systems are based on Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plans or fixed data package contracts, Cabin Billing transfers the cost of cabin communication directly to the passenger, when communication is used and while in flight. In other words, the aircraft operator avoids the hassle of the subsequent customer identification and invoicing.

Getting access to the on board internet as straightforward as to what you are experiencing at Hot Spots in public areas. When accessing the WIFI for the first time, a welcome page will appear on the passenger’s smartphone, tablet or laptop’s browser. Simply select the MB/Price package by inserting the voucher code or personal credit card details, and you are ready to go. Fully tangible, the customer knows what he gets and at what price.

There is no additional satcom installation required. As long as your aircraft is equipped with an active Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) system, it’s ready for Cabin Billing. No satcom or aircraft modification, STC or down time is required. All you need is an airtime agreement with Satcom1, but then you will also benefit from Satcom1’s 24/7/365 worldwide technical support.

Example of Cabin Billing Voucher for 100MB. In order to access the Internet, you only need to scratch the code and insert it while connecting to the Wi-Fi. You can also brand vouchers with your own logo.

The basic flow of how to connect using Cabin Billing.

For further information, please contact Satcom1

PARTNER FEATURE: Vision Systems VisiBox

Description: One single box for several applications: IFE broadcast, IFE AVOD, Streaming on via WiFi (up to 20 pax), Cabin Management, Interactive moving map, Networked video game, Personal radio/TV program.

Connectivity applications with integrated router

- SwiftBroadband, Swift64, Inmarsat Classic, Iridium
- Internet & email support
- Channel Aggregation
- User Management
- Cabin Billing
- SmartPhone usage via VOIP

Tech Specs:

- Dimensions LxWxH: 373x56x193 mm (14.7×2.2×6 in)
- ARINC 600 standard / 2 MCU
- Weight:2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
- Certifications: DO-160/f / FAR25
- Power Consumption: 25W / 28 VDC

Where to buy can be found here, or read more about Vision Systems VisiBox here.

SAT2U Quiz!

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