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Satellite Communication News by Satcom1

04-03-2015 - Issue #9

Dear Customers, Partners and Industry Relations,

It is exciting times within the satellite communication industry. In the coming year, satellite operators are increasing bandwidth capacity, which will result in new connectivity opportunities for end users. Satcom1 Support team is focusing and working in liaison with Customers to ensure a smooth transition in regards to the Inmarsat AlphaSat migration, which affects users in the EMEA region.

During 2015, Inmarsat will also launch their High Data Rate (HDR) - which is especially interesting for the helicopter market, and in Q2, Inmarsat Global eXpress (GX) satellites using KA-band will be finalized in orbit.

Honeywell’s first KA-band installations with the Jetwave MCS8000 Hardware for VIP and the Business Jet segment is expected in Q4, 2015. These new Inmarsat technologies are currently being integrated into Satcom1's infrastructure, and preparations are being made to ensure our AvioIP software router can support these as well, whilst taking advantage of this opportunity to provide a number of new features to our customer base, which we are excited to share throughout the year. Bandwidth will increase from Kbps to Mbps, opening the market for a number of new customer service requirements which can be delivered.

Satcom1 R&D is finalising testing of 3-4 channel SwiftBroadband Aggregation, meaning customers operating in bandwidth less than 2MB can stay with Swiftbroadband, but still enjoy an attractive bandwidth on board their network.

We look forward to an existing 2015 and wish all our Chinese customers and partners Happy Year of the Goat/Sheep.


Karina Larsen
VP Partnership

AlphaSat transition notification – deadline to transit your aircraft on the 24th of March 2015!

We kindly remind you to update your ORT or Software in order to be in tact with the Alphasat transition. Please note, that if your system is not updated – it will not work on the new satellite configuration. Therefore we would like to stress the importance of that task.
Read more on AlphaSat.

Satcom1 Support Team have provided an overview of the changes required.

Manufacturer Model To Do
Honeywell MCS-3/6000 ORT tech pub: D201310000093
MCS-4/7000 ORT tech pub: D201310000093
MCS-7163 ORT tech pub: D201310000093
MCS-7147 ORT tech pub: D201310000093
MCS-7200 ORT tech pub: D201310000093
HD-710 (MCS 7120) Software Update (tech pub: D201310000093)
HSD-440 Software Update (tech pub: D201310000093)
HSD-400 No change required (tech pub: D201310000093)
Aspire 200 No change required (tech pub: D201310000093)
Thales Topflight SCM changed required (Software Configuration Module). Please contact Thales or Embraer for the exchange.
SRT-2100B No change required (tech pub: 523-0822256)
SRT-2100 No change required (tech pub: 523-0822256)
SAT-2200-2 ORT (tech pub: 523-0822255)
SAT-2000 Minimum SW required (tech pub: 523-0822256)
SAT-906 Depends on the SDU P/N (tech pub: 523-0822256)
Cobham Aviator 200/300/350 No change required (SIL 95-142702)
Aviator 200D/300D/350D No change required (SIL 95-142702)
Aviator 700/700D No change required (SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7300 (Swift64) No change required (SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7330 (1 or 2 ch SBB) Upgrade to software 3.0 or later (SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7320 (1 or 2 ch SBB) Upgrade to software 3.0 or later (SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7315 (SB400 or SB800) Upgrade to software 3.0 or later (SIL 95-142702)
SDU-7310 (SB200) Upgrade to software 3.0 or later (SIL 95-142702)

In case of any further questions or to request a Service Information Letter, please do not hesitate to contact Satcom1 Support.

Upcoming Customer and Training Events

Satcom1 is entering a busy spring with a variety of Customer Training Events and Exhibitions around the world. Please click the sign up to view more information or request a meeting with one of our sales representatives. Please note that limited spaces are available, so sign up early to secure your reservation.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Aviation Electronics Europe Expo (AEE Expo) March 25-26th, 2015
ABACE April 14-16th, 2015
Aircraft Interiors Expo April 14-16th, 2015
AERO Friedrichshafen April 15-18th, 2015

Cabin Router Application Software Suite tailored to your needs - AvioIP by Satcom1.

2,3 & 4 Channel Aggregation, Acceleration, User Manager

The latest updates on JX (JetConneX) service running on Inmarsat's Global Xpress Network - coming live 2015

Order your JX Hardware through Satcom1 today.

We partner with the best in its class: learn more about
Honeywell Global Data Center
- full communication service for your cockpit

Flight Planning, Flight Sentinel, Datalink, Pilot Services, ITS, Weather

Good News for Gulfstream deliveries

For any new Gulfstream aircraft delivery, Satcom1 is now listed as an airtime service provider option for your aircraft.

By selecting Satcom1 as your airtime provider, you will be entitled to a number of benefits:

• 1-year free Honeywell GDC Premium cockpit service.
• 2-days onsite training from a Satcom1 engineer when the aircraft is at Gulfstream, Savannah to assist with the delivery and configuration of the onboard satcom network. This also includues training the crew and owner how to operate the satcom network.

If you have not received a Satcom1 OEM form from Gulfstream, or the Honeywell GDC cockpit package, then please feel free to contact Satcom1 Sales department, and we can assist you to complete the cockpit and cabin forms for your new aircraft delivery. It is essential to highlight that Gulfstream end-customers need to choose a cockpit and cabin service provider for their aircraft delivery. Satcom1 team hope this campaign will be well received by customers who have bought a new Gulfstream aircraft.

Please contact Satcom1 Sales or your Satcom1 key account manager, if you have questions to the campaign.

EMTEQ’s eConnect router upgrades to AvioIP 2.6

EMTEQ (B/E Aerospace Company) has officially confirmed, by signing a contract with Satcom1 that their eConnect router will have the latest Satcom1 Software Suite installed (AvioIP 2.6).

Development of AvioIP 2.6 is in the final testing phases, and EMTEQ will be able to offer the eConnect router with the latest 2.6 version from June 2015.

The new software offers advanced features such as:

• Support for Inmarsat SwiftBroadband HDR Streaming channels
• Aggregation supporting more than 2 SwiftBroadband channels
• Data Acceleration software update to improve performance
• Configuration Wizard to provide support for multiple satcom system installations

Satcom1 appointed a reseller of the TrueNorth GSM subscription

We are happy to announce that since February 2015, Satcom1 can service aircraft equipped with TrueNorth GSM systems – this means Satcom1 Activation department will take care of service activations, and the end-customer will only receive one invoice through Satcom1.

The subscription consists of a one-time activation and monthly fee. The services operates on streaming classes over SBB lines in the aircraft and then to GSM on ground managed by the cell roaming agreement on ground.

We are very happy of this milestone and we believe this will add value to our services and make it easier for the customer to activate the TrueNorth GSM.

ViaSat Coverage Map

ViaSat Exede Portfolio (formerly known as ViaSat Yonder) is a high-speed Internet service that is available from the moment you power up the aircraft. The monthly airtime packages are known as Exede Basic airtime package and Exede Premium package with a release of new Exede VIP coming shortly. The fastest connection speeds available are up to 4Mbps Forward Link, and 1Mbps Return Link. It provides a large global coverage along the busiest air routes without the worry of being disconnected or over-charged if usage exceeds your service plan. Also, ViaSat has released their new KA-band solution for airline usage.

Satcom1 is a ViaSat Exede airtime provider since 2005 and delivers satcom network design and support for ViaSat solutions. Satcom1 has a test laboratory in Le Bourget Airport, Paris which includes the ViaSat hardware solutions for customer demonstrations and testing.

Below is the latest released version of the regional KU-Band ViaSat’s coverage map.

ICG ERT-120 installed on the Gulfstream and two Bombardier aircraft

We are happy to announce that ICG has succeeded in 3 recent installations of the eRouter ERT-120. One on the Gulfstream 450 and two Bombardier BD-700 Global Express’. This is a great milestone and we, in the Satcom1 team, are extremely happy that our unique software has contributed to this success and we are looking forward to more installations worldwide.

SAT2U Quiz!

Congratulations to the winner in the last edition of SAT2U! For a chance to win another Danish Luxury Prize, email the following answers to Satcom1

1. What is the deadline of the Alphasat transition?
2. What is Satcom1's booth number at ABACE 2015?
3. Who have Satcom1 been appointed a reseller of?